PriArg Scenario 1

Alice: I want to share this picture. Would it be ok for you?

David: Picture shows a wristband (e.g., Object_1_1), which was given at Oktoberfest. I do not think that this wristband would be found somewhere else. I do not want my concert pictures to be shared.

  • isInContext(?postRequest, ?context), hasMedium(?postRequest, ?medium), includesObject(?medium, ?object), Oktoberfest (?location), obtainedFrom(?object, ?location), isOrdinary(?object, false) → Concert (?context)
  • Concert (?context), isInContext(?postRequest, ?context) → rejects( :bob , ?postRequest)

Alice: This wristband is not a unique object. One might find such a wristband in the shop Gifty. In another words, one might not be able to understand that you were in a concert.

  • foundAt(?object, ?shop) → isOrdinary(?object, true)

DavidI think Gifty has only one web site and the web site is not accessible. Maybe the shop is closed. So, I do not think that the wristband would be purchased from here.

  • hasOneUrl(?shop, ?url), isAccessible(?url, false) → isClosed(?shop, true)

Alice: Gifty has another web site. So, you cannot be sure that it is closed.

  • hasUrl(?shop, ?url2), differFrom(?url1, ?url2) → hasUrlBeside(?shop, ?url1)