An earlier version of PriGuard is demonstrated here. Our extended work is detailed below.

You can click on images to see PriGuard Description Logic (DL) axioms in more detail.

TBox Axioms in PriGuard
RBox Axioms in PriGuard









PriGuard source code can be downloaded here. It is an Eclipse project and can be imported to any Eclipse workspace. All the ontologies and the violation queries are included in this project. However, you can download them separately if you like.

Violation queries (in SPARQL format) can be downloaded here and the ontologies (PriGuard ontology, example scenarios, generated networks, facebook networks) are available here. Note that you can use an ontology editor such as Protege to load the ontologies. Then, you can start Pellet reasoner and run SPARQL queries on Protege to see the violation detection results.

Our Facebook application can be accessed here.