CmpE 473: Internet Programming


Instructor: Pınar Yolum
Email: pinar.yolum AT boun DOT edu DOT tr
Office: ETA 38
Phone: (0212) 359-7612
Office hours: Th6

Teaching Assistant:
Office: ETA 31
Phone: 359-7095
Office Hour:


This course provides an introduction to technologies for developing Web applications. Most topics will involve programming in Java, so some background in Java will be useful.

Course Material

  • Lecture Slides: Available on the course web page. Please have them in front of you during class.

Course Work

There will be at least two assignments. Each assignment will be done in pairs. The assignments will be posted online. You will roughly have two weeks to submit the assignments. Please turn in your assignments on the day they are due, right before class. There will be one technology paper and presentation. This will involve investigating a standard or a new technology, writing a short paper on it, implementing a system that uses it, and presenting the paper in class. The technology paper and the presentation will be done in groups. There will be three exams: two midterms and a final. These exams will cover the topics discussed in class and emphasize theory more than the programming.

Academic Integrity

Please read the university policy on cheating and what counts as cheating. Do not copy your answers from other sources (including friends, or books). If you think the answer to a question exists in a book, then read the section carefully and write down the answer in your own words. The same policy holds for the projects and the exams. When preparing the technology paper, write in your own words. Copying text from a source (including a Web page) will count as cheating even if you list the source in your references. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Midterms 30%
Assignments 20%
Technology Presentation & Paper 20%
Class Participation 10%
Final 20%
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