CmpE 59N: Web Semantics


Instructor: Pınar Yolum
Email: pinar.yolum AT boun DOT edu DOT tr
Office: ETA 38
Phone: 359-7612
Office hours: TH8

Course Material

  • (Required) Lecture Slides : Available on the course web page. Please have them in front of you during class.
  • (Required) Papers
  • (Recommended)
  • (Recommended)
  • (Recommended)


A working knowledge of database systems, distributed systems, and artificial intelligence will considerably help. You will be doing various projects. You need to be fluent in one programming language, preferably in Java.

Course Work

Each meeting will have roughly one and a half hours of lecture and an hour of discussion on either previously assigned papers or on some systems. When you are assigned a paper, you are expected to write 400-500 words about each paper and turn it in as hard copy during class. Explain the problem the paper is addressing, its proposed solution, contribution, and your comments on the proposed approach. Everyone will do 3+ projects individually or in groups of two. The projects will constitute a significant part of this course. There will be in-class project presentations. There will be one in-class midterm and one take home midterm. You have to get an average of 50 in your projects to take the take-home midterm. There won't be a final exam.

Academic Integrity

Please read the university policy on cheating and what counts as cheating. Do not copy your answers from other sources (including friends, or books). If you think the answer to a question exists in a book, then read the section carefully and write down the answer in your own words. The same policy holds for the project and the exams. Copying text from a source (including a Web page) will count as cheating even if you list the source in your references. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Paper critiques 15%
Projects 30%
Class participation 15%
In-Class Midterm 20%
Take-Home Midterm 20%
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