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I'm a second year PhD student in Computer Engineering Department of Boğaziçi University. My research areas include ontology engineering, multiagent systems, and privacy in social software. I’ve just started working on ontology based privacy management for social software. We believe that it is extremely important to preserve users’ privacy in social software. We would like to develop an intelligent software that can keep track of users’ privacy requirements, check if these requirements can be met by the system, and lead the user to take appropriate action as needed.

As of 2011, I’m involved in a TUBITAK project (CaReRa) where we developed an ontology (ONLIRA - Ontology of the Liver for Radiology) for semantic expression of liver CT images. ONLIRA offers a domain knowledge for the liver. Presently, a data collection tool is using ONLIRA to collect data from radiologists. Now, we work on semantic query processing techniques to facilitate retrieval of liver cases.


E-mail: nadin.kokciyan AT

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